CSE 5912: Game Design and Development Capstone projects

We have a thousand students presenting their culminating accomplishments as undergrads here at The Ohio State University in Engineering and the CSE Department. Come show your support, be encouraged by the outstanding work these students have accomplished and play my student’s video games! The CSE 5912: Game Design and Development Capstone course will highlight the video games created below at the Engineering Capstone Showcase at the Ohio Union. We hope you will make it over there. Feel free to share with friends and family.
When: Tuesday, April 25th
Time: Noon until 3:00pm. With presentations and awards to follow.
Where: Archie Griffin Ballroom, The Ohio Union, OSU, Game projects will be near the main entrance at booths in the 180’s.
CSE 5912 – Game Design and Development Project
Spring 2017 – These students brought their game
Here are the games you will see:

Cherry Frosting Everywhere presents Shurgeken. A far eastern inspired capture the flag adventure. Play against the guards as you try and sneak your way to the flag or take the way of the sword and battle your way through. Worry not! For you do not have to be alone in this undertaking; bring your friends along and see how you all fare. Beware though, death in this game means jail time with the only method of escape being an ally coming to the rescue. Do you have what it takes to overcome your opponents and reign as the top ninja around? Or will you fail and spend all eternity in jail?

Find some friends and grab a controller. Up to four players can race carts around the family room, bathroom and house in the party-style game by Couch Potato Gaming. Build your own track, play cart soccer, hot potato or race through several tracks and environments. Earn trophies as you challenge each other in all of these events. You can even race against (or just watch) AI carts race around. Earn some chips and buy some upgrades! Game Trailer:


There are several objectives to accomplish in this medieval setting by Lost Souls. Guide your character to these objectives using many tactics and skills. You can take on enemy disguises. You can blink or teleport short distances and to rooftops. You can backstab opponents for an instant kill or just enjoy some good old combat with an occasional slash bang to help. Beware, different guards have different strengths! Your team is alone on a space station infested with deadly aliens. Your mission is to retake the station. In this tactical RPG by Hatrock Studios, you control four characters. Quickly switch between them to use their special abilities. Earn experience points to access an in-depth tech-tree. Level-up to upgrade each of your characters with different abilities. Solve puzzles and fight hordes of enemies as you progress through massive levels. Fight your way to the ultimate battle between your team and the alien commander.

Game Trailer:


The Skull Kids present Requiem of the Knight, a turn-based RPG. You control a team of combatants with different abilities (melee, ranged, magic). Move, attack and use specials each turn. Who goes when is controlled by the gods. Several levels will guide you through these mystical lands.