Thank-you to Sandy Simpson from Illumination Works for sponsoring this October edition of the MOHUG Meet-Up!  

There has been significant growth in the volume, variety, and velocity of digital data being produced by and shared between computing systems today. Behavioral, social, sensor, and spatial data sources have exploded, personal and wearable devices have become ubiquitous, cloud computing has become commonplace, and wireless connectivity has become nearly universal. Traditional data warehousing is unable to keep up with the vast amount of information being created by the minute.  Advances in information technology infrastructure and environments, such as Hadoop and similar data lake concepts, are enabling greater scalability, utilization, and flexibility when dealing with free text data, log files, and other non-traditional data sources.  This session will examine the shortcomings of traditional data warehousing and discuss best practices, lessons learned and important considerations in transitioning into a new big data environment while leveraging existing EDW investments.


<a href=””>Shawn Huntington has over seventeen years of Information Technology experience in a broad range of data capabilities.  He has a passion for keeping up with technological advances in the big data and advanced analytics revolution. With hands-on experience in Big Data implementations as an Illumination Works Senior Consultant, Shawn understands how to effectively transition from traditional data warehouses to modern Big Data platforms. In his most recent accomplishment, Shawn and his team developed and enhanced a Big Data Cloudera Hadoop environment for the world’s leading provider of critical infrastructure technologies and life cycle services for information and communications technology systems.

Data Ingestion Patterns – Jordan Martz from Attunity

Highlighting methods from CDC to Batch and understanding the native Hadoop, 3rd Party real-time tools, as well as, enterprise vendor solution.  High level will be around the understanding the ingestion concerns and operational issues around landing and managing the data.

Jordan has extensive experience delivering Enterprise IT solutions, such as software development on web, core/enterprise, and Client/Server applications; and implementing analytics solutions, such as, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence, Simulation, Optimization, Predictive Analytics, Data Warehousing, Big Data, Master Data Management, and Data Governance. Prior to Attunity, Jordan worked at Oracle, Domino’s Pizza (Hadoop/BI/Data Warehouse Architect), Kalido, and Information Builders. He’s is also the Founder and Lead Data Scientist for DataMartz (a lucky pun on words for his last name and profession).

Leveraging Hadoop – Scott Howser from Nutonian

Scott serves as Executive Vice President at Nutonian with responsibilities for product management, marketing and business development. Prior to joining Nutonian, Scott served as vice president of products and marketing at Hadapt with responsibilities for product management and marketing. Prior to Hadapt, Scott was vice president of product marketing at Vertica, an HP Company, with responsibility for product messaging, corporate branding, and establishing best practices for deployment and solutions architectures. Scott earned an M.B.A. from the University of Notre Dame, an M.S.I.S.M from Loyola University Chicago, and a bachelor’s degree from Ohio Dominican University.