The Alphabet Soup of Security Compliance: Know What Rules Apply to Your Organization

Social Security numbers, dates of birth.  Names, addresses, phone numbers.  Insurance Information.  Payment cards.

The government considers every one of these to be “sensitive information.”  And if you’re collecting this information and storing it – even in paper form – then your organization needs to ensure its following the law.

Join us for an informative discussion about HIPAA, PCI, FCRA, and more to learn about steps you can take now to boost security!

Lauren Barber (Respite Connections) and Josh Gibson (Columbus Speech & Hearing), co-chairs of the GWg Education Committee for the NPITF will be co-presenters of this forum.

Pizza and salad lunch will be provided at no cost courtesy of the Tony R. Wells Foundation.


What is the Nonprofit IT Forum?

2nd Tuesday each month – Open to all – No cost to attend – Lunch included!

• Share ideas

• Find opportunities to collaborate

• Keep your skills up-to-date

• Enhance your nonprofit’s IT

• Build your capacity to serve your clients

Often, we feature a guest speaker on a particular IT topic, but the floor is always open for discussion. Come with your questions on any IT topic – offer your unique perspective.

For our Nonprofit IT Forum, you are encouraged to bring your questions on any IT topic.  We will open the floor for discussion.

Thank you to The Wells Foundation for generously providing lunch each month!

Thank you Jewish Community Center for kindly hosting us each month!