Digital Backpack 2.0

A Digital backpack consists of low-cost options to complete everyday tasks on the computer and help with your everyday operarations within your nonprofit environment. Need a low-cost option for Microsoft Office products?  Looking for an app to weed through your Big Data to find the answers to your strategic questions like who is our largest funder?  Join us at this month’s IT Forum where we will look at free and low-cost solutions to do some of the basic application functions in your office like desktop virus scanning, cloud storage, mobile hotspots and many other solutions.

What is the Nonprofit IT Forum?

2nd Tuesday each month – Open to all – No cost to attend – Lunch included!

• Share ideas

• Find opportunities to collaborate

• Keep your skills up-to-date

• Enhance your nonprofit’s IT

• Build your capacity to serve your clients

Often, we feature a guest speaker on a particular IT topic, but the floor is always open for discussion. Come with your questions on any IT topic – offer your unique perspective.

For our Nonprofit IT Forum, you are encouraged to bring your questions on any IT topic.  We will open the floor for discussion.

Thank you to The Wells Foundation for generously providing lunch each month!

Thank you Jewish Community Center for kindly hosting us each month!