This month, we will have a few short presentations, with casual group discussion.


Andrew Kubera: Rusty News 

Alex Burkhart: RFC Review

Ben Beckwith: Rewriting the Git of Theseus

Jeff Walker: 

The Evolution of Memory and Resource Management

The management of memory and resources like files and network connections has slowly evolved over time. First there was static memory layout, then manual memory management and eventually smart pointers. Today most developers work in a garbage collected language. This largely mitigates issues of memory management, but provides no help with other resources. In 2015, the Rust language baked in a new approach that unifies memory and resource management. Could this approach be the future of memory management? Come learn about each approach and their trade-offs. Seeing Rust’s borrow checker will change how you think about resource management in other languages. Then, take a peek at some languages that may bring this new approach to a broader audience.


Pillar is sponsoring food. If you plan an attending, please RSVP so we can order the right amount of food.