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It been a long time coming, but we’re getting back on track.  The Fuse data nerds have been locked away in the dev cave, but we’re ready to come out and talk about all things Big Data.  Hope you can make it.


Big Data and Machine Learning – Joe Intrakamhang from Google

Learn about a fully managed, petabyte scale, and serverless database called Big Query.  Also, we will have a live machine learning demo using Tensorflow and then productionizing it with Google’s Cloud ML service.

Joe works at Google as a Solutions Engineer on the Google Cloud team.  In this role, he focuses on architecting and designing solutions for companies migrating to Google Cloud.  He is a passionate developer who loves technology and he continuously works on fine tuning his software craftsmanship.

Google Cloud Spanner: Worldwide consistent database at scale 

A worldwide consistent database that is fully managed. What is this database you speak of? It is a product from Google called Cloud Spanner. In this talk, we will share an overview, how Cloud Spanner works, and an awesome demo.

Speak #3 – TBD