MEC Presents:  The F.A.S.T Confab – Focus, Assessment, Strategy, Tactics 


A brief interactive discussion concentrating on both the broader economy, as well as the micro, and why many entrepreneurs or business leaders are experiencing frustration.

This quick, fast, and direct one hour discussion will be using real-time examples that are facing many of today’s entrepreneurs and business leaders. We’ll also cover and dissect some of the macro, as well as micro economic issues which are causing both confusion, and consternation without many knowing or realizing why.

If you’re an entrepreneur, business leader, or just one who has caught the entrepreneurial “bug” and is still on the fence, please join this free event with presenter Mark St.Cyr.  And if skeptical be assured: this is not, nor will there be any “pitch” for a product or service.  

Presenter:  Mark St.Cyr

Mark St. Cyr has a prominent voice in business and entrepreneurship on the world stage today. His writings on business and more are found across the globe, on some of the largest and most prominent news sources, along with many of the prominent TV, radio, or print business leaders also reprinting or reposting his writings onto their own web sites. 

Mark’s blog is now a global phenom routinely read in over 165 countries. He’s made some of the biggest calls in both Wall Street and Silicon Valley that are now coming to fruition and are undeniable. Mark retired at 45 when everyone said it was a “pipe-dream,” was a CEO and ran one of the largest private companies.  Mark has done this with never graduating from high school. Has had more success through social media than most – even though he doesn’t even have an account.

You can find out more at his website


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There is on-street parking (2-hr limit) in front of the MEC, along N Main St., as well as around the corner on 4th St., and a Civic Parking Lot located at the corner of 4th and Plum Streets, one block from the facility.

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