MEC Presents:  Smart SEO:  The Small Business Advantage


Consider the cost of print advertising.  Wouldn’t it be great if more of your prospects found your company website through a (free) Google search result?

SEO is a powerful tool for leveling the playing field between your business and those big budget large businesses.  But, SEO only works when you know how it works.  There are no magic tricks to SEO. It’s what you do on a consistent basis that makes your website rise to the top of search engines.  And guess what? It’s not that complicated.  Come learn how SEO can be a strategy tool specific to your business. 

Presenter:  Emily Journey

Emily Journey helps companies decrease their web development costs and increase their sales velocity by training their marketing and support staff in WordPress.  My training clients value me because they gain control over the What, When, and How of their online message.


The MEC is conveniently located in the heart of historic Uptown Marysville at 129 N Main Street, Marysville, Ohio. The MEC is easily accessible to visitors arriving from anywhere in Union County and the Columbus Region.

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There is on-street parking (2-hr limit) in front of the MEC, along N Main St., as well as around the corner on 4th St., and a Civic Parking Lot located at the corner of 4th and Plum Streets, one block from the facility.

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