Hi guys! The next meetup is on May 17th, 6:00-8:00 at the Forge. For the May meetup, we’ll be having a talk by Jim Prior on Beginning Oscilloscope Use! Here is the talk summary:

Beginning Oscilloscope Use:

    Electricity is invisible.
    This makes electronics hard to work on.
    Oscilloscopes make electicity visible,
    especially electricity that changes fast.
    Oscilloscopes are an indispensible tool for developing
    and debugging electronics, such as things that use the
    interfaces that Raspberry Pis and Arduinos have.

    No previous knowledge of oscilloscopes is needed.
    Knowledge of electricity is helpful but not needed.
   We will start with the very very simple,
    and progress to showing how an oscilloscope was
   used to debug the communication to a sensor
    from a Raspberry Pi over the I2C bus.

Beginners are welcome, you don’t need to have any knowledge to participate. But DO feel free to bring your projects if you’ve got ’em! Message me on here or at samthinko@gmail.com with any questions.