It’s the Smarch CARPE meetup!

You can park anywhere in the visitor’s lot on the South side of the Smith Bros. Building. Enter in the double glass doors. Call/text 614-256-8449 to get in. Feel free to bring anything you’ve been working on, or any questions you may have. Beginners welcome!

This month’s talk will be

“SafeCracking on a Budget”-  by David Hunt and Zack Nagaich

Talk Description: We had a problem: no combination to a safe. The solution was to build a automatic our own safe dialer. We will review the steps we followed, Information gathered, Vulnerability Analysis, Exploitation, Post-Exploitation, and Reporting. (PTES Technical Guidelines style). Along the way we will share knowledge learned and stories of success and failure. David Hunt has worked in software development for several years. Switched to focus on application security, vulnerability and penetration testing. Recently picked up the bug for safe cracking. Zack Nagaich is a Recent Ohio State computer science graduate working in cyber security for a variety of companies in the central Ohio area with a passion for software and security.