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About the Talk:

Machine learning applications are ubiquitous today, but the development of those applications is often ad-hoc and lacks reproducibility or scalability. With machine learning at the core of Digits, we have focused on automating our processes around model training and deployments. In this talk, Jo & Hannes will share their key learnings and insights into the machine learning tools used at Digits. They’ll also discuss the benefits of focusing on ML Engineering besides the actual model development work. You’ll gain an understanding on how to take a machine learning experiment, build machine learning pipelines and deploy it into a production environment.

About the Speakers:

Hannes Hapke is a Machine Learning Engineer at Digits. As a Google Developer Expert, Hannes has co-authored two machine learning publications: “NLP in Action” by Manning Publishing, and “Building Machine Learning Pipelines” by O’Reilly Media. At Digits, he focuses on ML engineering and applies his experience in NLP to advance the understanding of financial transactions.

Jo Pu is an Engineer at Digits focusing on data engineering and infrastructure. Prior to joining Digits, Jo helped design and build the experimentation infrastructure for Embedded Tweets at Twitter, developed for the mobile developer platform at Fabric (now part of Google), and built self-service analytics and data pipeline tools at Yammer / Microsoft.