When you first start building software, it’s OK to start simple – when I first started cooking, I cut everything with a chef’s knife. But, as you gain experience in your discipline, you start to look for ways to refine your selection of tools. You add a paring knife for detail, a serrated knife to cut foods with waxy surfaces, and of course a honing steel for daily sharpening and a whetstone for when it’s time to get down to business (I spent hours online finding the right whetstone #justsayin). The same is true with my auto tools, carpentry tools, and even the tools I carry when snowboarding or mountain biking. We are always looking for the lighter, better, stronger tool to carry day to day. And, let’s just be honest, it’s fun to share and talk about these tools too.

With the advent of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Beta, there is a new set of container tools and images which allow users to find, run, build, and share containers. This set of tools and images allows you to start simple with podman, and adopt more sophisticated tools (buildah, and skopeo) as you discover advanced use cases. They are released in two streams – fast & stable to meet developer and operations use cases. Finally, these tools are compliant with the same Open Containers Initiative (OCI) standards as Docker, allowing you go build once, and run anywhere.


6:00 PM – Introductions, food, drink, and networking

6:30 PM – Presentations begin

The Location:

CoverMyMeds 2 Miranova Place Columbus, OH 43215

Feel free to utilize the Miranova parking garage off of Mound St. We’ll have ticket validations. Park in any free space. Head to floor three of the parking garage to enter 2 Miranova. You’ll then walk past the lobby to the elevators and head to floor 11.

About Scott:

At Red Hat, Scott McCarty is technical product manager for the container subsystem team, which enables key product capabilities in OpenShift Container Platform and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Focus areas include container runtimes, tools, and images. Working closely with engineering teams, at both a product and upstream project level, he combines personal experience with customer and partner feedback to enhance and tailor strategic container features and capabilities.

About LOPSA:

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