Blockchain is a buzzword, but in order for regular people to evaluate whether the concept is worth anything, they need to understand what it is. Dan Shapiro will focus on the Ethereum blockchain and its native currency, Ether, as he answers questions about the blockchain’s inner workings. What does it mean to own Ether? What prevents me from saying I own more Ether than I own? What happens when I spend Ether? Dan Shapiro probably knows, and so can you.

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Dan Shapiro runs Ethereum Columbus ( He loves thinking and reading about blockchains in general and Ethereum specifically. He’s an active member of the blockchain@berkeley slack without actually being a Berkeley alumnus because that’s just how he is. He works a day job at Express (the clothing company) as a full-stack web engineer. His team is responsible for transitioning ( to a modern javascript architecture.


6:00PM – Introductions, food, drink, and networking
6:30PM – Presentations begin

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