Your Scrum Team is delivering releasable software every Sprint, and stakeholders are seeing value from the product and demanding more faster.  How do you scale to deliver more features and functionality for a product without drastically reducing agility and what makes healthy Scrum Teams successful?

Nexus is a framework that drives to the heart of scaling: cross-team dependencies and integration issues.  It is an exoskeleton that rests on top of multiple Scrum Teams who work together to create an integrated product Increment.

In this talk, we will discuss:The roles, artifacts, and events of Nexus;Practices to help overcome the challenges encountered when multiple Scrum Teams are building an integrated Increment; andWhy it is important to have a healthy Scrum foundation before scaling;You will leave this session with fundamental knowledge to use Nexus for scaled Scrum development.


Stephanie is a Principal Consultant and member of Agile Advisory Services at Cardinal Solution Group, as well as a certified Professional Scrum Trainer.  Her experiences include coaching Agile teams and organizations, serving as a project manager to implement complex technology solutions, consulting with PMOs for process and tool improvements, and creating and delivering professional training courses. She is passionate about building high performing teams and helping organizations maximize value and eliminate waste.


11:30-noon – food and networking

noon-12:45 – presentation


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