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So you want to be a Jedi Master Agilist? Fight the Dark Side tricks of complacency, monotony, and repetitiveness? There are many facets to being a great servant leader and bringing vibrant energy to your Scrum team, but the foundation is creating your team’s visual board and continuously improving the team space.

In this workshop, we will share team stories, lessons learned, and best practices for visually building your Agile team space and keeping it fresh. You will learn the ways of the visual board – what it holds and how to manage it over time. You will also learn how to take it the next level to “gamify” your team’s sprint. Think it’s simple? Let’s dive deeper on the focal point of your team space, roll up your sleeves, and get engaged!

Chris Philipsen

Chris is an Agile Coach and Jedi Scrum Master in Cardinal Solutions’ Columbus office. A consummate servant leader, Chris helps any program, project, or technology to delivery to meet or beat client expectations through a common-sense Agile approach – using simple goals, transparency, and keeping things moving. Being Agile should be focused and fun!

Mark Bradley

Mark is a Jedi Scrum Master and Agile Coach for Cardinal Solutions in Columbus, Ohio. He promotes “team” and a positive, fun culture through Agile values. A master of continuous improvement, Mark’s teams consistently achieve high performance, serving as a model for Agile teams everywhere.


6:00pm – 6:30pm Food & Networking
6:30pm – 6:45pm Announcements/Sponsor Introduction
6:45pm – 7:45pm Program

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