5:15 PM Members arrive – Pizza, soft drinks and beer
6:00 PM Announcements & Recruiting Shoutouts
6:15 PM Speakers (25 min each)

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1) Microservices and Event Streaming – Steve Howard
Microservices have historically followed a request-response pattern, with a single database per microservice. Tonight, we will discuss how the observer pattern can be used to use event streams as the source of data for microservices.

2) MLaaS (Machine Learning as a Service) – Sagar Kewalramani
Machine Learning Models Management and Deployment is another paradigm shift from the traditional Software Development Life Cycle.
In this talk, we shall demonstrate a proof-of-concept where a Financial Enterprise moved from traditional jupyter notebook kind of environment to a REST API Deployable Models for different fraud detections including credit card fraud, mobile payment fraud, deposit frauds etc.

3) Distributed NoSQL Warehouses – Sagar Mangam
Developing and Deploying schema-agnostic analytical databases.

Speaker Bios
1) Steve Howard, Systems Engineer, Confluent:
Steve Howard is a Systems Engineer with Confluent. His background includes enterprise architecture, data engineering, application development, and infrastructure management. He has led enterprise initiatives including customer analytics, enterprise integration, and ecommerce. Steve’s most recent role was as Principal Architect of EXPRESS, an American fashion retailer. Steve has a degree in Finance from Bowling Green and is based in Columbus, Ohio. His passion is getting the right information in the right hands at the right time to drive results and have fun in the process.

2) Sagar Kewalramani, Strategic Solution Architect & Data Scientist, Cloudera
Sagar Kewalramani is a Strategic Solution Architect & Data Scientist at Cloudera, where he helps Customers Install, Build, Secure, Optimize & tune their Big Data Environments. Sagar has worked with customers from all verticals, including Banking, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail etc. He has led the discovery and development of big data and machine-learning applications to accelerate digital business and simplify data management and analytics. He has spoken in multiple Hadoop & Big Data Conferences including O’Reilly Strata.

3) Sagar Mangam, Senior Consultant, Navigator Management Partners
Sagar Mangam is a Principal Consultant at Navigator Management Partners. He has spent 14+ years in the Business Intelligence and Analytics domain. He started his career as an Excel programmer and worked his way through the plethora of tools and technologies in the BI space. In his current role, he works with agencies and helps them adopt and implement projects in the Big Data ecosystem. Sagar has an MBA in Operations and Analytics from Fisher School of Business.