Hello! June CARPE Meetup!

This month’s talk from Gabriel Sheeley:

 Come learn how you can build your own micro-controller from scratch!  Learn how computers translate electricity into programs that you can write.”

Micro-controllers are tiny computers control many of the object we interact with on a daily basis.  Understanding how these computers work and how we can use software to control them can open a world of opportunities for us to use computers to do everything from check that our door is locked, water our house plants, or make our coffee in the morning.  Join us to see how simple these machines can be and how you yourself can work with and create your own IOT devices.

Pizza and drinks provided!

You can park anywhere in the visitor’s lot on the South side of the Smith Bros. Building. Enter in the double glass doors. Call/text 614-256-8449 to get in. Feel free to bring anything you’ve been working on, or any questions you