Lots to catch up on after taking June off. We have a great featured speaker and topic for this month though so looking forward to seeing everyone!


Featured Topic: Creating a Salary Calculator with Power BI and Azure Machine learning
Speaker: Eugene Meidinger

Power BI is great for displaying descriptive analytics, but it can be enhanced with predictive analytics and AI.

In this session we will take DBA salary survey data and create a multiple linear regression in Azure Machine learning. Once we’ve deployed our predictive model as a web service, we will connect it to Power BI and predict people’s salaries.

By the end of this session, you’ll know how to create a simple predictive model in Azure machine Learning, how to convert it to a web service, and how to consume that service from Power BI.


Eugene Meidinger works as a BI consultant and Pluralsight author. He currently focuses on content on Power BI and related products. He also leads the Pittsburgh Power BI User Group. He is certified in SQL Server and Power BI.

Of course, we will cover:
– What’s New with Power BI
– DAX and M functions
– Power Pint!