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PILLAR PLUGGEDIN – “Calling All Gamers” presented by Jon Moody


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Are visions of Donkey Kong, Mario Brothers or The Legend of Zelda dancing in your head right now? They should be. They’re all classics that come from NES. This talk will go through the background on what you need to know to create your very own NES game from scratch!

 Get exited about…

Going from, “I have a computer and a dream,” to “I am playing my own game on a real NES.”

An informative discussion on game development, hardware, graphics and audio.

Did we mention background information on how to create your own video game!?

 Get PluggedIn

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Come hungry for knowledge and complimentary food and drink!

5:30 p.m. — 5:50 p.m.    Meet, Greet and Eat

5:50 p.m. — 6:00 p.m. We’ll welcome guests and introduce the speaker 

6:00 p.m. — 7:00 p.m.   Collaborative discussion

7:00 p.m. — 7:30 p.m. Wind down with Q & A

ALL parking spots are available in the Smith Brothers lot after 5 p.m.