Many designers and developers understand the ideology behind getting user feedback, but in practice we sometimes just want to do it the way we want it! On April 7, IXDA members are invited to join the Columbus Web Group event to learn why we benefit from connecting with real users and how to get started. 

You can RSVP here if you aren’t a member of both groups, but if you do participate in both please only RSVP to one event so we can get an idea of the number of attendees. Check out their event page here:

Working with Customers for a More Successful Project
Learn why more developers and designers are benefitting from connecting with real customers and real users (and having more successful projects) with Darren Kall of Dayton. You’ll be empowered to put this into practice by learning how to have customer and user contact. And you’ll hear how to learn more about the UX techniques that will optimize your customer and user interactions.

Darren Kall is a UX design and strategy expert based right here in Dayton, OH. As the leader of a UX consultancy he collaborates with leaders of technology and technology-enabled companies to improve the user experience of products and services. He has designed or improved 100’s of products used by millions of people internationally and domestically. Before co-founding Specific Clarity and SecurityUX, Darren worked at Microsoft, AT&T Bell Laboratories, LexisNexis, IBM, and H.E.L.P. He holds 11 patents with 172 patent citations. Darren is proud to be a husband, a dad, a beekeeper, a sculptor and painter, and an erstwhile technology futurist. 

• 6:00-6:30 – Social/Networking 
• 6:30-7:15 – Presentation 
• 7:15-7:30 – Q&A/Discussion 
• 7:30-8:00 – Social/Networking 


This talk is for any kind of developer or designer of products or services that people interact with. If your customer or user interacts directly with your technology, then you’ll benefit from this talk. If you are a UX User Researcher you probably already know why direct customer and user contact is important, BUT you should attend to learn why you should be involving developers and designers in your customer and user interactions.