Edit: Pizza and drinks will be provided thanks to CrossChx and Startup Weekend!

In a time of ambiguity and buzzwords, this evening we will focus on the Product Manager. Jay Clouse of CrossChx will dive into what project management is, what a product manager does, and why it is an important piece of a lean/agile team. All teams have a little bit of a different configuration, and some teams have “product managers” who are classified in different roles. Sometimes, a product manager is also in the role of UX, engineer, marketer, and more. Jay will focus on the skills that are important for product management, what the role entails, what success looks like, and how to best utilize a product manager on your team.

Our speaker, Jay Clouse, is an entrepreneur and community evangelist who mixes business development and product as a Product Head at CrossChx. As former COO of a technology startup (Tixers), a Create Columbus Commissioner, and an Organizer/Facilitator of Startup Weekend, his mission is to help and empower the Columbus young professional community and grow the technology startup ecosystem. He has a passion for the arts and local music scene as well, and explores the intersection between entrepreneurship and music. Jay once bought Dave McClure a beer and he told said that Jay’s pitch “didn’t completely suck.”

6:30pm-6:45 – Food, Networking

6:45-7:30pm – Presentation

7:30pm-8pm – Q&A, time to eat the leftover food, etc.

The Columbus Commons garage will be your best bet. It is across the street from the CrossChx entrance on Main Street. The garage also has an entrance on Rich Street. The CrossChx entrance is on the corner of Main and 3rd. Please note that the garage does cost a few dollars.