We’re in the midst of an industry evolution. People’s expectations are changing—consumers look for dynamic and connected experiences tailor-fit to their desires. Systems once thought of as independent, are fusing into ecosystems to create seamless, integrated personalized experiences. Personalization is no longer a perk—it’s imperative. IoT and data analytics come together to form the ecosystem of your life, the way you want it.

Join us to learn more about:
The impact of IoT on your life—the good and the bad.
Cutting-edge technology.
Cool projects in the works near you.

Register Here: https://www.witi.com/networks/columbus/events/3310/IOT-&-ME:-Moments-In-Time/

Featured speakers:
Vince Fabro
Asimina Kiourti
Denise Zabawski
Kimberly Clavin

Plus! Chef-prepared appetizers, drinks, and networking with like-minded people from the community. Space is limited to 75 seats so Register Now! https://www.witi.com/networks/columbus/events/3310/IOT-&-ME:-Moments-In-Time/