This 2-part course will span one weekend: Saturday, May 14 & Sunday, May 15th. Classes run from 10am – 2pm with a 30-minute lunch break, provided by Pillar.

JavaScript is used to build interactive websites and web apps. If you’ve played online games, viewed image slideshows, or explored interactive visualizations, you’ve seen JavaScript at work!

In this class, we’ll introduce you to the building blocks of JavaScript, learn how to run basic programs, and try our hands at interacting with a webpage. Most importantly, we’ll start you on the path to becoming a great web developer.

Understanding the basics of programming, while helpful, is not required. This is an introductory course and therefore will cover the basics of programming.

Concepts will be reinforced through hands on, in-class exercises. Each week will include a small homework assignment which will not be graded but will be evaluated with feedback from the teaching staff.

This class will be taught by Jan Dennison.


This class is being hosted by Pillar Technology at their downtown Columbus location in the iconic Smith Bros’ Hardware Building: 580 N Fourth St, Columbus, OH 43215

Free parking is available in front of the building.

Class Preparation and Prerequisites:

Having a basic familiarity with HTML is helpful for this class. If you have already taken our Introduction to HTML & CSS course, you’re all set.

Students are asked to bring their personal laptops to use if they have one. (Sometimes work laptops have limitations.) If you do not have access to a laptop please contact us before the first class.


We are able to offer two scholarships for this course. If you would like to attend this class but are unable to due to financial reasons, you can apply for a scholarship here. The deadline for scholarship applications for this class is Wednesday, May 4th.

Scholarship requirements:

• You are a member of the Girl Develop It Columbus Meetup group (

• You are able to attend at least 1 of the 2 classes.

Refund Policy:

Your payment of $80 guarantees your seat in the entire course. Please note that we cannot issue refunds, since there’s an overhead to issuing refunds via and we already offer the workshops at such a low cost. We put proceeds into the chapter fund, which we use as our scholarship fund.

Other Disclaimers:

Our program and curriculum are geared toward adults over the age of 18; at this time we do not accept minors as students in our courses and workshops.

If you have questions, please contact Caitlin Steinert (