This talk is aimed at developers and designers or anyone with interest on how a native app is built. Together we will understand what is meant by native, hybrid and web app. These definitions will be applied to discuss the advantages and pitfalls to native iOS development. In addition, we will dive into tools, libraries, and quick-start hints to help you better understand how apps are created by teams. By the end of the presentation, you will have a clear understanding of how to craft experiences for various screen sizes and aspect ratios for native iOS, an understanding of recent hardware capabilities and the tools that are used for iOS development and design.

Tim LeMaster is a software developer at Resource/Ammirati where he focuses on iOS development. Tim has been fascinated with developing software applications since his brother got a Commodore 64 when he was 6. He has worked in COBOL, Perl, Java, Objective-C, Swift and many other languages. Tim enjoys watching F1 racing, cooking BBQ on his smoker, and scuba diving.

• 6:00-6:30 – Social/Networking 
• 6:30-7:15 – Presentation  
• 7:15-7:30 – Q&A/Discussion  
• 7:30-8:00 – Social/Networking

Engaged citizens, developers, designers, project managers, industry members and leaders, business men/women, entrepreneurs, change-makers, people looking to learn, and anyone interested in mobile trends.