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In May 2020 AWS launched their second generation of ARM Processors called Graviton 2 that could be used for running EC2 instances. Graviton 2 promised improved performance and lower cost compared to the equivalent Intel or AMD based instances. Since then, an increasing number of AWS services have started to support ARM based compute, with the latest being Lambda functions in September this year.

During this presentation I’ll give an overview of the services supporting ARM and how you can easily get started with them. I’ll also make the case for why you should be moving to ARM where appropriate.

Andrew is the Cloud Solutions Lead at Leading EDJE, an AWS Partner Network Select Consulting Partner. Andrew has been consulting for Leading EDJE for 13 years and building solutions on AWS for the last 6 years.
This meetup is available to attend both in-person at the Leading EDJE offices in Dublin Bridge Park and remotely. Food will be provided at the in-person meeting.

** Please register for this meetup only if you are planning to attend in-person**

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The Leading EDJE office is located at 6515 Longshore Loop, Dublin, OH 43017.
There will be someone at the front door until 6pm to allow you access to the building. Free parking is available in the Hotel Parking Garage just across the street.