I am excited to have D Samuel Hodge (https://www.linkedin.com/in/dhodge360/) present in our next meetup(https://www.meetup.com/The-Columbus-Blockchain/). He is Founder & CEO of Chainosys- providing enterprises in implementing new cognitive technologies and blockchain-base solutions. He is going to talk about distributed identity:

One of the big promises of blockchain is Decentralized Identity (DID) – taking back control of your identity and data.
Decentralized identifiers (DID’s) give us the ability to have persistent, secure and globally resolvable digital ID, without a central authority. Blockchain provides users the opportunity to implement a decentralized identity management (DIDM) scheme and form a fully verifiable Web of Trust when transacting with anyone in the world.

Come and join me to learn how to create, secure, update and revoke your DID. Decentralized identifiers are the ‘missing identity layer’ of the Internet, the new method of digital signatures for blockchain transactions. The paradigm shift from Nation-State ids to Self Sovereign ID.

Looking forward to seeing you all!