Transparency culturally can be a very hard thing to achieve. Yet it is critical to the success of Agile software development, especially in large corporations. It is an easy thing to preach, but a very difficult value to practice and promote. The goal of this topic is to try and empower folks to champion transparency and to communicate why it’s vital to improving the organization, the team, and the individual.

In this Agile Leadership Series, we will discuss:
— Why transparency is critical to a successful agile organization
— How transparency can be improve your culture and maximize efficiency
— Common symptoms that can impede transparency and how to overcome them

Rick Ziebarth is a Principal Consultant for Cardinal’s Columbus office and a member of Agile Advisory Services. His experiences include coaching Agile teams and organizations, helping organizations transition to agile software development, and working with teams to deliver custom software solutions using the Scrum Framework. He is passionate about building high performing teams and helping organizations maximize the value they deliver.