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Have you wondered about what it takes to be a software developer, data scientist, game developer, web developer, or AI/ML engineer. All these careers require knowledge of programming in Python.

Python is a ubiquitous, robust, programming language that is used in many modern programming paradigms like AI/ML, serverless computing, FinTech, and Blockchain.

Many popular companies, like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify use Python for its ease of maintenance, readability, and fast delivery. Many nontraditional computing careers like neuroscientist and geneticists also use Python. Despite the demand for people with the knowledge of programming using Python, only 35% of schools in the United States teach computer science. This number is much less in underrepresented communities.

This event is open to participants under 18 years of age. It is appropriate for those between 13-18 years of age. PARENTS should register on behalf of their child. Once you have registered, WITI Columbus will send you the link to the Learning Management System (LMS) as well as a waiver to give permission for your child to attend this virtual session. The waiver will need to be signed and sent back prior to the day of the event (May 22nd, 2021).

You must register on this link to get the Zoom information:

Thank you to Agility Partners for being a diamond sponsor for the second year in a row!