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What is Kubernetes (K8S)?:  

Kubernetes is an open source project for managing application containers from local to planetary scale. Originally developed by Google using 15 years of R&D, Kubernetes now flourishes in the open source community and has become the foundation for production cloud native solutions.

Our Meetup:  We have two great speakers lined up to tell  their story around Kubernetes.

Speaker 1: Tom Larrow, Automation Ninja, Key Bank


How Key Bank sped up development, dramatically increased reliability, and decreased platform costs by moving Online Banking to Kubernetes. In this talk, Tom will cover topics such as: · Migrating the application to Kubernetes

· The build/test/deploy pipeline

· Making Kubernetes Enterprise ready

· Lessons Learned

Speaker Bio:

Tom Larrow is automation lead on the Key Bank DevOps team. He wrote and maintains the pipelines to build, test, and push online banking changes to the production Kubernetes environment. He has a passion for all things tech, and learns by breaking things. You can follow him on twitter at @TomLarrow

Speaker 2: Nick Ethier, Container Addict, Jive Communications


How I Learned to Love Kubernetes

Kubernetes is a new shiny technology stack that is catching the eye of technologists like wildfire. While new tech is awesome and fun to experiment with, deploying and operating it in production is a whole other story. I’ll talk about how Jive deploys and operates their Kubernetes infrastructure across multiple location as well as a deeper dive into how some of the various components of a Kubernetes cluster work together.