Part of Innovate New Albany’s TIGER Talks Series:

If you could sell to everyone in your market how many people would that be? Learn the fundamentals of TAM, SAM and SOM to size your market and get focused with your selling efforts.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

• Calculate your TAM, SAM, and SOM
(Total Available Mkt., Serviceable Available Mkt. and Serviceable Obtainable Mkt.)

• Identify early adopters

• Leverage your advocates to grow sales and market share

Greg Pugh is SVP, Customer Acquisition at Rev1 Ventures. Greg helps technology startups navigate the concept and seed stages of development. There’s nothing he would rather be doing than working directly with concept and seed stage entrepreneurs to achieve market validation, find first customers, or hit milestones that make a business attractive to investors. Greg has a BS degree in Physics Education (meaning he’s trained to teach quantum theory—not to coach track and field) from The Ohio State University.

11:30a – Networking
12:00p – Speaker
1:00p – Group Meeting Concludes & Networking Resumes

Free! (Lunch included)

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