You started with an idea, validated the market, launched the startup, and landed your first customer. Now it’s time for the next big step in your entrepreneurial journey: Hiring your first employee!

You need to make sure employee number 2 (and 3, and 4…) are a good personality fit. But how do you do that?

Join us as Nancy Roberts, the DISC Wizard, breaks it all down for us. For almost 20 years, Nancy has been helping companies identify the RIGHT person, the first time. Every early-stage founder needs to understand how to take this critical step – not just if, but when they make their first hire.

1 Million Cups was founded by the Kauffman Foundation in 2012, to educate, empower, and connect entrepreneurs, and the Columbus chapter is proud to offer this free event as part of that Kauffman mission. Join us for coffee, and network with other like-minded founders before and after the presentation.