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The best thing that can happen to your company is for it to become successful; ironically success can also be a giant factor in what brings it down. When starting your company, it might just be yourself, a partner, and a few choice employees. As the company grows, you add more employees and what worked when you were 3 employees does not work with 30 or 300. This talk will focus on helping leaders of small businesses understand the challenges of being a leader of a company in transition and providing coaching and advice on how to meet those challenges.

Michael DeVine, MS, LPC-S is the owner of DeVine Consulting; a psychology based business consulting firm in Columbus, Ohio. Michael is originally from Columbus, Ohio where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Otterbein College in Westerville, Ohio. Michael earned his Master’s Degree in Psychology from The University of North Texas where he received specialized training in marriage and family counseling as well as conducting research on attachment theory & family systems theory.

It was during his studies at North Texas where Michael not only honed his therapeutic skills but also was introduced to the applied psychology fields of I/O psychology and performance psychology. Michael’s unique approach was recognized by several business consulting firms, resulting in being hired as a affiliate consultant with the Hay Group. Michael’s work with the Hay Group was focused on conducting talent selection and development assessments with a particular focus on behavioral event interviewing. Michael most recently was a senior consultant with <a>JSA Advising</a>, where he is still currently serving as a senior adviser. Michael’s work with JSA Advising focused on family business advising and talent development with next generation leaders.


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