5:30 – 6:15: Dinner

6:15 – 7:15: Google Cloud Platform & Pivotal Cloud Foundry

7:15 – 9:00: Social / Network Gathering


It is hard to believe we are on the door step of 2017.  With this holiday edition of the Columbus Cloud Foundry Meetup we will not only celebrate the end of a successful year for Cloud Foundry but also a new partnership.

You may have read the headlines and various blogs about the significant integration Pivotal Cloud Foundry & Google Cloud Platform have established.  The engineering effort has been amazing!  We should probably dig in and hear more detail not only on the integration but also on Google Cloud itself and how it truly enables Pivotal Cloud Foundry as its backbone.

Google Cloud Platform allows developers to build their applications on the same global infrastructure that allows Google to return billions of search results in milliseconds, serve six billion hours of YouTube video per month, and provide storage for almost a billion Gmail users. That’s a lot of billions! 

Follow along as we will go into the specifics of the latest mega cloud provider to support Cloud Foundry — Google.  We will look at how Google’s platform differentiation provides not only performance and cost advantages for your CF deployments, but also how Google has built custom service brokers to tools like BigQuery and Machine Learning APIs to build new features into your apps.  And who knows… perhaps Santa may stop by with a few early presents!

Presenter Bio: Jay Marshall is part of the Solutions Engineering team at Google Cloud, and is an ex-Pivotal Field Engineer/early Cloud Foundry obsessor. He currently focuses on helping developers and enterprises build on top of Google’s massive global footprint of cloud infrastructure and services known as Google Cloud Platform.   Jay is a lifetime wannabe musician and spends much of his free time recording music that no one else listens to.