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Last month we hacked the food industry and innovated your plate. We talked with Mike Gallichio (the mastermind behind the Food Trucks Festival), Marcus Spivey (an owner of Yellow Polish Boys Food Group who spoke on coming up from the food cart to the major leagues), and celebrity chef Nikki Steward. We learned the process of starting a business and the passion you need to keep you going is the same no matter what industry you’re in. Great customer service, great product, and building a great team around you will get you get traction faster. 

This month we tackle Social Enterprises and startups. Did you know there are over 100 businesses in Central Ohio that have a dual mission? Organizations like Hot Chicken Takeover, Role Model Magazine, Too Good Eats, WellHQ and others want to solve social issues while making a profit. Social Enterprise is a hot topic right now- come learn from those who are incubating, starting, and running a successful Social Enterprise.


Anique Tomas: Founder of Too Good Eats 

My name is Anique Tomas, I am 25 years old. I am an entrepreneur and elementary school teacher. My fiancé Ali and I founded Too Good Eats, after graduating from Central State University, in 2014 with our 6-month-old son, little Ali. As a first time mommy and really breaking into a new stage of life I become overly passionate about what my son ate and giving him a healthy start to life. I wasn’t pleased with the shelf brand baby food that was offered, so I decided to make my own baby food blends. As my son got older, he reused certain veggies, so I began making him fruit and veggie ice pops, to sneak in veggies deliciously. My fiancé jumped in and perfected our recipes. Then we stepped out on faith in starting our business Too Good Eats, officially in 2016, to help other families live healthier lifestyles and to eat good food easily and deliciously. Our baby food line will be launching this spring. I come from a family of entrepreneurs and caring people. I am passionate about community outreach and education. 

Suzy Bureau: Founder of Give Back Hack

By day, Suzy is the founder of GiveBackHack, a community that focuses on connecting the technology and social impact communities, to create an environment to launch a new social enterprise. She also hones her technology skills as the Senior Product Owner on the New Product Innovations side at CoverMyMeds. Outside of work, Suzy focuses on building community – locally & globally. As a local organizer and global facilitator for Startup Weekend since 2012, Suzy has facilitated startup events from Ohio to Mexico, Ireland, & more. She was also invited to facilitate at the inaugural Startup Extreme in Norway, and in 2013, was selected to represent the USA at Global Startup Youth in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -an event that brought together the top startup hustlers from 105 different countries around the world. Recently, Suzy was named the first “Create Columbus Visionary” by Columbus City Council and the Create Columbus Commission.

David All: Co-founder of Well HQ

David All is the co-founder, CEO of WellHQ, a Benefit Business working to identify and map Recovery Deserts barren of opioid addiction treatment and recovery services. In 2014, less than 14 percent of Ohioans who needed access to addiction services received it and Ohio ranks number one in deaths related to opioid overdose. WellHQ is one of the only management consulting companies which has successfully created a comprehensive opioid recovery clinic and did so in the historic King-Lincoln District in 2016.

Sandra Brogdon: Founder of The Role Model Magazine 

Sandra Brogdon is a Wife, Mother, Creative activist and Humanitarian journalist dedicated to creating positive social change in her community by building confidence in girls. Sandra is also the founder and CEO of “The Role Model Magazine”. An innovative lifestyle magazine designed with one singular mission which is to “ Empower and Elevate Every Girl to fulfill the highest and most authentic expression of herself.™ Her life mission is to inspire the next generation of female leaders and to amplify the collective voices of women and girls leading change around our world.

Joe DeLoss: Owner Hot Chicken Takeover 

Just months after a trip and experiencing Nashville’s Hot chicken Culture, we opened up a small pop-up chicken window in Olde Towne East. Every weekend we’d sell until the chicken ran out. We also began fulfilling our vision to hire men and women in need of supportive employment.Today, we have a restaurant on the second floor of the historic North Market and a 1999 diesel beauty of a food truck. Hot Chicken Takeover is about way more than food.

We are truly passionate about helping our community of forward thinkers, future leaders, entrepreneurs, and startups succeed. And we would love for you to join us.

Our next event is February 20th. The event will be held at Rev1 Ventures, a hub for creative and successful start-ups located at 1275 Kinnear Rd, Columbus, OH 43212. The event starts at 6:30 pm until 9:00 pm and there’s plenty of parking!