This month: Along with our usual activities, GDI volunteer and sponsor Kira Harris will be giving a lightning talk!


Lightning Talk: How to Start a Business

If you have an software, product, or service idea, or if you’ve thought about going into business for yourself, but don’t know how or where to get started, this Lightning Talk will give you a practical to-do list, as well as some pointers on why or why not to start a business and how to evaluate your idea.

About Kira:
Kira is a serial entrepreneur currently running her third, fourth, and fifth businesses. She is passionate about making entrepreneurial dreams a reality, (and also about guinea pigs.) She lives in Dublin with her husband, her son, four cats, a dog, and lots of ideas.


ALL coding levels invited, from total beginners to programming mentors! Meet other women in tech, learn about our activities and announcements, or bring a code project to work on!

New in 2017: A more informative Hack Night! Come for lightning talks, Q&A sessions, Fish Bowl discussions, and more. Have ideas or want to present? Contact us and share that idea magic!


Huge shout-out to our Hack Night sponsor, CoverMyMeds! They’re a fantastic company that helps doctors and pharmacists improve patients’ lives. They employ developers of all levels and in many languages, and provide an awesome, fun place to work!


What to Expect

Members of GDI Columbus, women and allies, meeting together each month. Some people bring laptops to work on projects; others prefer to just chat. Chapter leaders make announcements, meet & greet members, and organize activities.

Have questions on a code problem? Just starting out and not sure where to begin? Join us!

Love code and want to share that in an inclusive environment? Want to support the education of women in technology? Join us!

Hack Night Help Boards: Add your name to one of these boards and a topic that you either need help with, or can provide help on, and let the connections happen!

Lending Library: Check out or donate books on programming, design, and development.

Looking forward to seeing you!