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Tickets are on sale now!
Dates and time are subject to change.

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This year is going big and GDEX is partnering with Origins Game Fair to solidify Columbus as the new home for gaming in the Midwest. This year will be filled with so much stuff to do, and we are excited to get back to an in-person event.

What Will The Event Have?
Tons of games to play including Video Games, Board Games, Tabletop & Miniatures, and lots more.

Speaking and Workshop sessions all weekend long from industry pros and gaming celebs

Tournaments and Free play throughout the weekend, including cash and other parties

Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences

One of a kind Merch from this show only!

Lots of art and collectibles to buy so bring your cash!

This year will be bigger than ever, but make sure you get your tickets soon since space is going to be very limited and tickets will go fast!

Ello! This is GDEX weekend Friday-Sunday:

Now for the BLAST ATTACK of info!
Here’s some initial things to think about…

The GDEX Game Jam was a huge success! Check them out here:
We’ll announce the award winners Saturday at 6pm at the expo in the Multipurpose room.

You can see our booklet here of the whole show:

There’s also cash-winning Tournaments signups here:

And of course again our GDEX schedule is here:

For COGG this year, we’re not able to host the Scavenger Hunt as it poses a high risk of contact between attendees. Therefore, we are promoting something we’ve been wanting to do for years. A promotional page for your game! This is a soft push for COGG members but you can start to fill out the form here:
We’ll be posted on our site soon!

Also if you would like to add your Window/Android game at GDEX to an arcade cabinet via Playvue, I’m passing along this link:
Contact Keith for more details (

See you at GDEX!
– COGG Team