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Join Free Code Camp Columbus for an in-person panel discussion and Q&A with software developers who have successfully made a career transition to working in tech. We will also livestream from our Discord channel:

Our panelists are:
– Will Johnston: Will is a former chef who taught himself coding and now works as a consultant and software developer at Insight
– Mike Taylor: Mike has a background in IT support and got his first job as a backend developer with Esports Engine after attending We Can Code It
– Amy Bedinghaus: Amy worked as a Spanish teacher before learning how to code and now works as a consultant and software developer at Insight
– Travis Barrett: Travis is a Tech Elevator graduate who is also an Apprenti Registered Tech Apprenticeship journey level worker and is now a full-stack developer for JPMorgan Chase

5:30 — Gather and socialize (pizza provided for in-person event)
6:15 — Panel starts
7:30 — Pair programming

Pizza and drinks are provided for the in-person event. Our sponsor is Ready Set Agile – Agile Software Delivery Training in Columbus Ohio. Leading provider of Agile Training, Scrum Training, Kanban Training, Agile Coaching, Dev Team Coaching, and DevOps Coaching in Columbus Ohio.

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The in-person event is at the CoHatch Upper Arlington location. Please go upstairs and to the right all the way to the conference room at the back. The CoHatch Covid policy is “mask optional” for all attendees.