Our guest speaker is Karan Joshi, a Python Developer consultant for Improving Consulting.

As you climb the “tower” that is your career in tech, its easy to get lost in the sea of buzzwords, technologies, tools, and etc. Along with these terms being confusing, there are also expectations to know technical terms in general conversations with other people climbing the same “tower”.

Climbing The Tech Tower of Babble will equip the attendee with a toolkit to understand new technical terminologies, strategies to learn the technologies, and better approaches towards technical conversations with technical and non-technical persons. These strategies and tools will well equip the individuals to climb their “tower” and combat tech anxiety in the process.

In the talk, the attendees shall analyze many different clips from popular tv shows, relate them back to tech and their career, and have engaging conversations throughout the entirety of the talk. Engagement/Participation and discussion is to be expected from the audience if they are to attend.
Note: Some of the clips contain some bad language.

Our fantastic sponsor, Improving Enterprises, will be providing coding space, pop, and pizza.

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