Come join us for an informative chat on data analytics! We have 3 speakers lined up to talk to attendees about data analytics and it’s pervasiveness in IT and in our lives.

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Featured Speakers
Rehgan Avon is a product manager at Open Data Group, a company based out of Chicago that builds technology to support analytic deployment. Rehgan’s previous experience has been fueled by a passion for early stage startups and product development. She has held Product Management positions at Clarivoy and StepOne, and also has experience as a Systems Engineer for United Airlines and a Simulation Engineer for Honda. She teaches Introduction to Data Science and Web Development courses to MBA programs nationally through an education startup company, Cognitir. She is also the founder and coordinator for the first Women in Analytics conference in Columbus, Ohio. She remains active and involved in fostering collaboration around emerging analytical methods and technologies.

Katie Sasso is a Data Scientist at the Columbus Collaboratory. Katie received her Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from The Ohio State University in 2017. During her Ph.D. program Katie worked with the Nationwide Center for Advanced Customer Insights (NCACI) and used her research and statistics skills to provide data-driven insights and solutions to strategic questions within Nationwide Insurance. Since that time she has been applying her training in statistics and experimental design to a broad range of problems across the many different industries represented by the Columbus Collaboratory’s member companies. Her project work spans a variety of use cases from predictive modeling and natural language processing to automation and UI building.

Kristen Stovell is Director of Enterprise Analytics at IGS. In this role, she is helping to shape an Enterprise level analytics vision to bring broad business insights and predictive modeling solutions, giving key leaders tools to make business decisions. Prior to this role, Kristen led IGS’s Forecasting & Analytics team focused on forecasting customer demand and providing analytical support around usage and pricing. Kristen earned her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with a specialization in Finance from The Ohio State University.
Schedule of Events
5:30-6:30 – registration and networking
6:30-8:00 – panel / fireside chat
8:00 – 8:30 – raffle and networking