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We had to make a slight change to this meetup as we had a conflict here at Fuse (and I lost).  We’ll be meeting on Thursday this time instead of Tuesday.


Kibana, Timelion, and Graph API: Three ways to explore data within Elasticsearch – Nick Drost from Elastic

Kibana: Intuitively discover meaningful insights into your data, in near real- time. In this scenario we will show how you can use the power of search and analytics to deep dive into web logs investigate what’s interesting. Oh, yeah, dark themed dashboards are back.

Timelion: Taking time series data in Elasticsearch and Kibana to the next level.

Graph API: Explore interesting connections in your data using Elasticsearch Graph API. This is a pre-release feature where we can use the power of Elasticsearch relevancy to tune into the useful signals of your data.

No experience with Elasticsearch is needed. Just bring your curiosity to explore data!

Speaker Bio: 

Nick Drost, a solution architect at Elastic, has over 15 years of industry experience working as an employee, consultant, pre-sales architect with numerous open systems and distributed technologies in the cloud and on premise.

Marketing Analytics on Big Data – Paul Mazak from Impact Radius

Come hear a case study about a next-gen platform in the Marketing Analytics space.  We leverage Spark, HBase and Impala to get the performance we need.  You’ll be able to see how our focus on flexibility allows us to keep up with a fast-paced business strategy.


Paul is a Software Engineer at Impact Radius. He leads the Hadoop development on their Media Manager Attribution product. He enjoys innovation and working with a creative team! Paul is always thinking of ways to improve on process, frameworks, and automated testing. He currently subscribes to the motto that “anything can be automated”. (…except the parenting of his 3 kids!)

SQL on HBase:  Phoenix by Example – Alex Daher from Hortonworks

Apache Phoenix is a relational database layer over HBase that allows low latency queries and mutation over HBase data.  We’ll discuss what its good for, architecture, SQL syntax, indexes,  practical examples, and future roadmap.


Alexander Daher is a Solution Engineer with Hortonworks;  Alex likes to innovate and tinker aimlessly and vicariously with software development languages and frameworks, usually at late nights.

Favorite food: All (and it shows). Favorite quote: Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

Favorite vacation spot: Bavarian Alps. Favorite sports: College Football and Yankee Baseball.