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Imagine This: Your siloed software team starts working cross-functionally and collaboratively when all of them are working remotely. Team members say ‘our code’ instead of ‘my code’ or ‘their’ code. Imagine further that you, the not-so-technical coach, have guided them through this transformation remotely and not being able to have face to face interaction in the same room with them. How can you do it? You can facilitate remote mob programming sessions that can bring the team together. Yes, even though you don’t code, you can do this! I know, because I did it.

In this workshop you can watch or participate as a programmer. You’ll walk out with the confidence you need to help your team to transform to a collaborative team by facilitating virtual mob programming.

This session will be facilitated by Nazee Hajebi, and co-facilitated by Jay Bazuzi. Nazee’s bachelor’s degree is from University of California Irvine where she majored in Computer Science and MBA from Pepperdine University.

Nazee has held different positions during her career from a software engineer, IT auditor, business analyst, program manager to agile coach. She has worked at different organizations and industries from startup to fortune 50 companies like KPMG, Experian to Appdynamice(Cisco).

Her passion is attending storytelling gathering and playing games (board, Xbox, …..) and volunteering with organizations that work with at-risk children.

She has been a reviewer for different speaking submission to Agile Alliance and presented at Agile Alliance 2019.

She loves traveling the world, both near and far. Her most interesting experience has been hiking in Tibet