The Program on Data and Governance presents -A weekly webinar series in October 2020 on – Business Data Ethics

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Emerging Trends in Corporate Data Ethics: Research Findings
Series Kick-Off: Friday, October 2
12:00 – 1:00pm (ET)
Keynote by U.S. Senator Chris Coons

About the Series
To succeed in a data-driven economy, companies must innovate with data while maintaining the trust of their customers. This poses a dilemma since data analytics and AI can invade privacy or produce unfairness and so undermine trust. Business data ethics, a new field of corporate management, pursues responsible data practices that will enable businesses to be both innovative and ethical.

These five webinars will feature an outstanding slate of panelists representing federal agencies, think tanks, diverse industries (pharma/tech/consulting), and research units at The Ohio State University, and will address the ethics, management processes, technologies, and regulations surrounding this growing field. Businesses interested in data ethics management best practices, and anyone seeking to build a more ethical future for the data economy, are encouraged to attend.

Series Keynote by U.S. Senator Chris Coons
Emerging Trends in Corporate Data Ethics: Research Findings
Ohio State researchers will present their pioneering study of how leading companies view the ethical challenges associated with their use of advanced analytics, and of the policies, management processes, and technical tools that they employ to achieve better data ethics.

Substantive Data Ethics: Frameworks & Policies
Industry and policy leaders will present real-world examples of principles, frameworks, informal risk-based determinations, and benefit-cost assessments.

Management Approaches
Corporate officers will discuss lessons learned while managing data ethics initiatives, addressing internal ethical review committees, modified institutional review boards, and data ethics officer roles.

Technologies for the Ethical Deployment of Algorithms
Business leaders will convey technological methods for making corporate algorithm use more fair, accountable and transparent.

Regulation of Algorithms: Policymaker & Expert Perspectives
Regulators and experts will discuss the present and future regulation of algorithms.