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Please join us for a highly informative IT Security lunch and learn that addresses issues that far too many small and mid-sized businesses deal with today. CIOs, CTOs and IT security professionals will want to attend this event.

The eVAL principal red team and offensive security consultant will discuss the emerging threat landscape in information security, tools and tactics used by threat actors, and why post breach attribution is hard. Many security vendors are playing checkers, while the hackers are playing chess. High level mitigation strategies will be covered alongside a live demo of a local and remote attack on systems and network infrastructure. Don’t leave your network security up to chance.

There is no cost for attendance, however you must register prior to 3/22/17 to determine proper lunch head count. City BBQ will be served and a tour of the highly secure Expedient data center will be available during the event.

* Please RSVP by clicking the following link.

** There will be signs posted to guide attendees to the lecture hall in Building #2.