I am excited to announce that in our next meetup (https://www.meetup.com/The-Columbus-Blockchain/) our friend Jed Duffey will provide insight into “stable coins”. How projects like MakerDAO aim to create so-called “stable coins” using crypto-as-collateral to produce coins that peg themselves to the dollar. That is going from pure crypto-currency (“pure” in the sense that none of it is tied to physical assets) to a currency that is truly tied to a physical asset (i.e. the dollar in this case)

Here is the overview of the presentation:

1. A brief overview of the historical market price of some of the main coins,
2. How MakerDAO uses self-regulating mechanisms to create a coin that’s tied to the dollar,
3. How this “stable coin” form of currency takes advantage of both being price-stable but also being fully on the blockchain (openness, transparency, decentralization) and current and future/planned use cases of stable coins.

Looking forward to seeing you all