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International business is just business with the added factors of cultural and physical distance. As we share a few things we learned doing business in China, we hope that you will find commonalities with, and lessons for, your own business.

We will cover our experiences with Chinese tech booms of the 90’s and today, Chinese government policy, and business ethics.

Though we have eaten a wide variety of flora and fauna while doing business in China, we promise that no bugs or slimy things will be offered to you during our talk.

Monica Xia, CPA, MBA, has been professionally bridging cultures since 1996, when she began translating NBC television programs for Chinese audiences. Twenty years later, she continues to facilitate cross-cultural business interaction as owner of SinoConnect, LLC, a cross-border education and business consulting company.

Previous to leading SinoConnect, Xia worked in accounting/finance at Commercial Vehicle Group, Beijing West Industries in Dayton, GM and the Ford Motor Company. From 1998 to 2001, Xia helped build what was then the largest online database of Chinese manufacturers and products.

Xia holds an MBA from the University of Michigan, a BSBA from the Ohio State University and a BA from Guangzhou University of Foreign Studies.

Patrick McAloon has worked with China since 1997, and currently provides educational experiences in the US to Chinese organizations as well as pre-departure training for American executives moving to China. He is a partner in the consulting firm SinoConnect, a founding member of the Greater Columbus Chinese Chamber of Commerce and a former Mandarin instructor at the Ohio State University.

McAloon is the author of the guidebook, “Studying in China,” based on his experiences in taking American college students to China for summer study.

He holds a PhD and MA in Chinese language pedagogy from the Ohio State University and a BA in East Asian Studies from the College of William and Mary.

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