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Your early stage company offers great products and/or great services. And people you meet consistently praise what you’ve created. So why is it still so hard to build a solid base of customers and drive sales growth?

As the internet has gained in sophistication, sales training tools and CRM systems are more robust and more accessible than ever. Shouldn’t that make it easier to build your team’s sales skills and win business from potential customers more consistently?

Unfortunately, most startups still struggle to reach their revenue goals. Leaders of companies with the drive and ingenuity to create the most valuable innovations, build the newest technologies, and offer the best customer service frequently do not enjoy selling and lack the experience to be effective sales leaders. Despite all of this, sales must be a priority for startups to succeed – and even sales novices can dramatically improve their companies’ selling effectiveness .

Sales execution expert, Brian Pitzer will provide hands-on tools to grow your sales, even while you continue to focus on what you are most passionate about in your company (not sales!)

Pitzer will help you:

• Differentiate your company, product, and service strengths v. your competition.

• Use your rivals’ sales aggressiveness to showcase your company’s superiority.

• Stop selling products and start selling solutions.

Brian Pitzer is the Chief Evolution Officer at Evolve Growth. Evolve partners with organizations to provide short term ‘sales therapy’. Evolve goes through all the deep-rooted sales issues within your company and then fixes those issues, working with you. Brian is an expert at sales process and strategy and growing sales revenue dramatically by removing inefficiency and facilitating execution.

Brian has been the Vice President of Sales and Business Development for several companies, ranging in annual sales of $1 Million to $10 Million, with average annual sales growth over 80% a year. Brian also was Founder and CEO of avitae caffeinated water, which gained widespread media coverage and national retail distribution. Pitzer earned a BS in Financial Resource Management at The Ohio State University. He spends his free time with his wonderful wife, two daughters, and one-year-old son.

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11:00a – Workshop Concludes & Networking Resumes

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