Building a product that the world wants is the cornerstone of building a great company, which means problem validation is a crucial step in defining the solution you are developing. Join Alicia Oddi, Managing Director of Rev1 Ventures, for this interactive event.

Great products start with a deep understanding of a high-value market problem, the impact of that problem, and a knowledge of who will be the most willing to pay for a solution. During this session, you will develop educated assumptions upon which to base your validation surveys.

What You’ll Learn:

• Define the problem and solution.

• Identify the user, buyer, and supplier of the solution.

• Build a survey that asks the right questions of the right audience.

Speaker: Alicia Oddi, Senior Director of Entrepreneur & Inclusion Programs, Rev1 Ventures

Alicia Oddi leads the strategy, engagement, and adoption of Rev1’s investor startup studio program, a framework that gives entrepreneurs the support and services that they need when they need it.

From building Rev1’s Learning Labs curriculum and content to curating the Entrepreneur’s Toolkit, Alicia produces a fully integrated model that provides the training, tools, and connections that directly impact entrepreneurs and help them de-risk grow their companies. Alicia invites feedback from entrepreneurs to make the Rev1 investor startup studio more responsive as entrepreneurs’ needs change.

Alicia also leads Rev1’s diversity and inclusion (D&I) programs, ensuring that diversity and inclusion aren’t an add-on, but rather is baked into and fully aligned with everything Rev1 does.

Alicia has a BA in Art History and an MA in Policy and Administration from The Ohio State University in Columbus.

Event is free, registration is required.