David Laulusa has been working at ICC since the beginning of the year in the DevOps Practice. He has worked at Bell Labs, SAP and whole slew of companies in between. 3 years ago when he started working at SAP his boss handed him The Phoenix Project by Gene Kim and Continuous Delivery by Jez Humble and said, “Read these and figure out this DevOps thing.” And he hasn’t stopped learning since. Recently, he was asked to attend DevOpsDays in Tel Aviv. He will be giving an overview of some of the things that he learned.


6:00PM – Introductions, food, drink, and networking
6:30PM – Presentations begin
7:15PM – Retrospective – How do we make the DevOps Columbus Meetup better?
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A big shout out to Improving for providing food, drink and facilities. Thanks!

Please RSVP by Thu morning, 2/16, to make sure that we have enough food. 🙂