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February topics: Movement mechanics, rapid terrain generation, cross platform development and general discussion.

Join us for our monthly developer focused VR meetup. Nathanael will present on movement mechanics and terrain generation. I will have a short presentation on developing a Unity project for both the Vive and Rift.

Nathanael is bringing his Vive and I will be bringing my Rift and Touch, and Gear VR.

We will be at Improving Enterprises (Easton area). Food and Drink will be provided. Improving is generously providing the space, food, and drink. Thank you Improving.

This meeting is about implementation, code, hardware, and demos. Want to network with other VR developers? Need time away from home to work on a project? Want to collaborate with others? Want to demo your latest project and get feedback or see what other are working on? Want to make a short presentation about technology you are working with? Have an HMD that you could let others experience? Please join us as we go into developer mode.

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