• What we’ll do
DevOps is often seen as a massive and expensive push that needs to be made at the executive level, but it doesn’t have to start there. DevOps can be beneficial at even a tiny scale, and it can start from anywhere. If you want to ignite the benefits of DevOps throughout your organization it can start with you!
There are a countless issues that could plague your pipeline to production. Disastrous merges before code freeze, flaky tests, risk mitigation documents, tired meetings, and many more issues can be addressed by developers.
This session will show individual developers how to analyze the pipeline to production, find the pain points, and start their team down the path to efficient and effective DevOps. You’ll get the chance to hear what other teams are struggling with and for each pain we’ll rapid fire ideas on how to solve the problem. You’ll hear solutions for documentation hungry managers, how to get yourself excused from the risk management meeting, a means to get more continuous integration, as well as a few pointers to help the DevOps culture take root. In the end you’ll be able to go back to work, find and eliminate the pain in your pipeline all without having to sell the executives.

Jason Blackhurst is a husband of one, father of two and fairly technical. He’s abnormally tall but completely harmless. He has been developing software now for about 15 years, and leading teams for more than 6. Currently he can be found at Fuse by Cardinal Health serving as Tech Lead for a powerful team of developers working to take medical devices to market.

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